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Electric Tug Solutions

Brand MasterMover Origin country England

Electric Tug MasterMover is the equipment that helps to maneuver materials on wheels. It can move the materials from 50 kilograms up to 360 Tons. The equipment is not lifting the products during clamping and moving the materials. Electric Tug is Easy to use, everyone able to use without having the special certification.

Compect mobile lifting equipment

Brand Mobilev Contry origin France

Mobilev is a small mobile crane and used to lift heavy products. Up and down in a vertical direction and move those products by hanging or gripping along the factory floor. Suitable for limited space and areas that are difficult to access since the arms can be extended as needed. Lightweight and does not damage the factory floor. It can lift the materials well and accurately. The shape is small, compact and suitable for work in the production line.

Exoskeletons suit

Brand ShoulderX Country origin USA

ShoulderX For Automotive, Construction and Shipbuilding Workers to Reduce Shoulder Injuries More Protection & Productivity For sustained work at chest to ceiling level with light to moderate weight tools. Examples include overhead assembly, paneling, electrical work, welding, grinding, picking, pruning, painting, inspection, and drilling.

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