Our bespoke solutions
Our bespoke solutions

USI ITALIA : Industrial spray booth

USI ITALIA, founded in 1969, is specialized in the design, production and sales of spray booths for cars and commercial vehicles, preparation areas as well as painting systems for use in industry and in individual body shops. Our head office is in Verona, North Italy : a complete structure that embraces planning and design, automated production, testing facilities, research and development, marketing and sales, after-sales service. USI spray booth is custom made product where you can customize the size and option inside spray booth with our professional standard. We have long experience and high performance of spray booth for industrial market. We have professional engineering team who will give you an advise regarding technical data and improve not only your production but also the quality of your products. USI works widely around the world with international reference for over 50 years more than 60 counties around the world.

Turbotecnica : Shot blasting & shot peening room

In the business for over 30 years, Turbotecnica has evolved and grown so that we now excel in the design and manufacture of both standard and special custom-made blast machines and shot blasting systems. To reach this goal, we have invested in human assets and facilities, producing a site measuring over 6000 sq. metres to house our operations, including design and manufacturing, mechanical assembly, electrical and electronic system design and production, and machine painting and testing. All systems are inspected and tested prior to delivery in our workshops to ensure fast installation on site and deliver a reliable product on time every time. Our greatest reward is the satisfaction of our customers with the results achieved thus far.

C.M.V Impianti : Industrial Coating Equipment

CMV in Italian language of Industrial Coating Equipment is based in Via dell’industria, 2 Tavernelle di Colli al Metauro in the province of Pesaro e Urbino, Marche, Italy. CMV was established in 01.03.1997, by the founders Mirco and Simon Frati both with a consolidated working experience aquired in important industrial companies of this sector. CMV is the natural continuation of the activities carried out by the two partners in important National and International Industrial Companies. The company has always distinguished itself in recent years for the constant and significant growing in the sector of Industrial Paint and Powder coating systems and today it can be considered, without a doubt, a leader of national importance.

Stucchi : Dust Extraction System

The powder exhausting systems has been on the European market for over 40 years and it is specialized in the design and manufacture of the body shop equipment and equipment for wooden and fibre-glass sanding. Our factory is located in Milan, Italy. Stucchi has whole range of industrial exhaust systems, a series of mobile or wheeled exhausters with single-phase motors and a series of fixed exhausters with three-phase exhaust turbines.

Master mover : Electric Tug Solutions

Manufacturer of the world’s most effective electric tugs to move wheeled loads from 50 kg up to 120,000 kg. Our unrivalled range of compact, battery-powered electric tugs improve operational efficiency, reduce manual handling and promote lean manufacturing across many industries. Located in Derbyshire, the UK’s manufacturing hub, MasterMover is a British business success story with customers all over the world. Our products are relied upon by market leading organisations and global brands across a broad cross-section of industries including Aerospace, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Retail and Healthcare.

Ferretto : Vertical storage systems

Established in Vicenza in 1956, Ferretto Group SpA is a point of reference in the intralogistics sector in Italy and abroad. It is comprised of companies with long histories, like Armes for metal shelving and industrial mezzanines, Promag for automatic storage systems, Bertello for vertical lift modules, vertical carousel and mobile storage systems, and Egeria for warehouse management software. The company manufactures a full range of state-of-the-art solutions for all storage, handling and filing needs, supporting the customer at all stages, that is, from development, design, and installation, through the servicing needed throughout the entire lifespan of the systems in question.The Ferretto Group provides integrated and high-tech solutions through the in-house development of warehouse management software applications.

Faraone : Aerial Platform

A key year Faraone launched the production of aluminium ladders and scaffold towers compliant with DIN and European standards, long before Italian Law 626 and Legislative Decree 81 entered into force. This particular attention to safety allowed Faraone to participate in the European Committee that was in charge of issuing the standards related to the construction of ladders. This was the year in which Faraone reached the top of the industry for the first time with important market share in Italy and abroad. A GREAT PROJECT FOR SMALL AERIAL PLATFORMS: ELEVAH AUTOMATED LADDERS, THE LADDER THAT RAISES YOU. Small automated aluminium machines for working at height carried out safely and quickly, thus saving time, fatigue, and money. In 2011 we began the production that, with continuous developments, allowed us to present our wide range of products in international exhibitions in 2014, which proved to be very successful. Today we present this catalogue, which is the result of the work of extraordinary people, who every day, with passion anddedication, manufacture our products the best way possible. As we keep improving, the product we provide tomorrow will be different and better from that provided today, also thanks to your advice.

ATIS : Industrial Manipulators

ATIS Srl. design and manufacture pneumatic industrial manipulators of reputable and safe mechanical engineering characteristics. Thanks to experience that spans for more than 30 years in design and manufacturing of pneumatic industrial manipulators, innovative devices were introduced to eliminate series of technical hitches usually attributed to equipment such as pneumatic manipulators. Therefore, we are able to guarantee equipment of maximum quality and total safety. Example of the innovation is the pneumatic balancing device in use on ATIS manipulators, which allows operator to move about a product without the use of a dedicated handle or specific control push button. By doing so, movement is pretty much natural and precise. Therefore, the operators are left with the possibility to choose the most suitable method for moving about their products in total safe working conditions. The complete range of ATIS pneumatic manipulators, deployable in every production section of diversified industries, are designed and manufactured to meet customers’ specific requirements and enhance the values of resources at customers’ disposal. R & D team at our design and engineering department is incessantly working on new ideas and solutions, and thanks to new materials and state of the art technologies we are able to meet the most stringent requests of the handling applications


TAILOR-MADE solutions, ensuring operator SAFETY & AUTONOMY Flexible solutions for operations in CONFINED AREAS, requiring OFFSET LIFTING (cantilever) and load TRANSFERING Solutions adapted to YOUR INDUSTRY, designed to improve the PRODUCTIVITY of MAINTENANCE OPERATIONS and PRODUCTION SERIES CHANGES Solutions adapted to YOUR WORK SITES for glazing installation work, curtain walls, beams, and all other special HANDLING requirements Our ENGINEERING & DESIGN DEPARTMENT is at your disposal to develop a solution adapted to YOUR SPECIFIC LIFTING REQUIREMENTS.

Double Ju International : Reel Handling

Welcome to Double Ju International Ltd. Feel the world of damage-free reel handling! We are your partner for solutions for reel handling. Our product range consists of BARTHOLOMY Reel Handling Units for reels of any kind from 30 kg to 30 ton. With the use of our reel handling products: You avoid health related absenteeisms of your employees e.g. by herniated discs, accidents, chronic musculoskeletal disorders – Increase quality of life and work motivation of your employees – Comply with the requirements of the cargo handling regulation – Avoid damage to materials Increase productivity and profit of your business.

PALJET : Wheel Assembly Line

PALJET PTE LTD is a Singapore based equipment and tools solutions provider. We are mainly focused on environmentally friendly technologies and products to fulfil the needs of automotive and marine services industries in SEA. PALJET Pte Ltd is also the distributor of SEIB and INMESS in Asean, both companies are based in Germany and specialized producer for the tire and rim production quality equipment.

SH Corporation : Machinery building & Measurement system

SH Corporation is founded in 2008 and is a company who specializes in consultation, sales, engineering, production and service of assembly equipments and in-line measurement equipments for automotive industry. Thanks to our dedicated and experienced employees and the trust of our customers in China, we have developed to an important supplier to lots of international and local OEMs and accessory manufacturers within a very short time. Our customers include Toyota ,Daimler-Benz, VW, GM, SAIC, Ford, SinoTruk, Mitsubishi, Honda, Hyundai-Kia, BYD Auto, Chery Auto, Dicastal Group, Continental Tire and almost all major Chinese wheel and tire manufacturers. Comprised of SH Technical Consultants, SH Trading, SH InfoTech and SRK China, SH Corporation provides high quality machinery as turn-key solution as well as engineering consultation services with highest automation grade to the automotive industry.